How to apply a Waterslide Nail Decal

1. Prep your natural nail/nail enhancement.

2. Cut the nail wrap/decal to fit your nail. Slightly larger than your nail size for wraps.

3. Using tweezers to hold the decal, soak in water for 15-20 seconds or until the decal freely slides off of the paper backing. 

4. Put a thin layer of base on the prepped nail.

5. Dab excess water off of the nail decal using a lint free wipe.

6. Using tweezers place the nail decal/wrap on the base covered nail.

7. Pat the wrap/decal down starting at the cuticles working your way to the tip smoothing any wrinkles out.

8. Using your activator, very carefully go around the edges of the decal or wrap. Dab any over lapping nail wrap. The activator will melt any excess decal away.

9. Once the activator is dry, apply a layer of base and encapsulate the nail art in clear dip powder.

10. Activate, wait 1-2 mins. Lightly buff and file if needed. Activate again if needed

11. Wipe with a lint free wipe.

12. Apply one quick coat of top coat, followed by a still quick but more detailed second coat of top coat.

Enjoy your beautiful manicure!!! Make sure to post it to the group West Coast Dips Group and tag us on Instagram #west_coastdips, we want to see all of the beautiful manis you create.