How to apply and remove Builder Gel

How to use Builder Gel


Do not be intimidated! Builder gel is super user friendly and Nail Game Changing! It gives you so much strength and durability. You’ll be an expert in no time. You can use it to add length with the help of nail forms, fix a broken nail or to add strength to your natural nails.


  1. Prep your nails by filing and buffing. You want to have your nails slightly rough to give the builder gel more to grab onto. You’ll also want to make sure to push back your cuticles, an amazing tool to help with this is our Glass Cuticle Pusher. It easily gets rid of the invisible cuticle that a lot of people miss. Wipe away any dust.
  2. Apply PH Bond, this will create a stronger bond to the nail. Allow to dry for 2 mins. If you have oily nails beds apply two coats, waiting 2 mins between coats.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Gel Base to entire nail and cure for 30seconds-2 mins. (Not all lamps are created equal so you will have to experiment to know the right length of time for your particular lamp)
  4. Optional, apply a nail form if you are looking to add length or repair a broken nail.
  5. Apply a thin layer of builder gel to nail and form if you are looking to extend your nail. Cure 1-2mins.
  6. I usually apply 2-3 layers to get the shape and thickness desired. So, apply the necessary amount of layers curing the builder gel between each one.
  7. Remove nail forms if used. If you require no filing or buffing do not wipe the tacky layer and go straight to gel top coat. If you do require filing and buffing, Wipe the Sticky layer off your nails with a lint free wipe and alcohol.
  8. File and buff your nails to desired thickness and shape.
  9. Optional, add another layer of gel base, cure and apply more builder gel if you have any indented or sparse areas, curing each layer.
  10. If you do not require any filing or buffing and have not wiped the tacky layer off of your builder gel you can go straight to gel top coat. If you wiped the tacky layer, remove any dust with alcohol and a lint free wipe, let dry. Apply Gel Base and Cure. If you will be using a Peel Base product, apply a coat of Gel Top Coat and cure for 30s-2 mins. Then proceed with your peel base, then dip. If you will not be using peel base you may proceed with dipping as normal after wiping off the tacky layer from the builder gel. Make sure the builder gel is a bit rough to give the dip something to stick to.



Good Luck! You are going to love this product!!




How to remove Builder Gel


In my experience the best way to remove builder gel is by gently filing it off.

Unlike dip powder and dip liquids, it doesn’t melt off as easily with acetone.

If you would still like to remove by using acetone, look up our dip removal page. It will be the same process of filing off the top layers and soaking in acetone. I would recommend the rice method as the warmth helps to expedite the removal. File gummy layers off as you go. The removal will take a longer amount of time than dip powder removal. Keep checking and filing away layers every 5 mins or so.