How to Apply Gelly Tips

How to apply Gelly Tips


  1. First step will be to size the gelly tip to your nail to find your perfect fit. They come in multiple sizes so you should be able to find your correct size. If none fit perfectly you can use a nail file to adjust it accordingly and get that perfect fit.
  2. Prep your nail, getting rid of all of the cuticle including the invisible cuticle. I find a glass cuticle pusher is best for this.
  3. Optional but recommended….rough up the nail and the inside of the gelly tip. Wipe the nail and gelly tip with alcohol to remove any debris.
  4. Apply Ph Bond or a bond agent on your nail, one or two coats letting it dry in between layers. (It will remain tacky but not wet once dry)
  5. Appy a coat of Gel Base on your nail and on the inside of the gelly tip, Cure.
  6. Apply a small amount of Super Stick or builder gel on you nail. Apply a small amount on the inside of the gelly tip as well. Only apply it on the part of the gelly tip that will make contact with your nail. **You will need to experiment to figure out the right amount that works for you.** ***Some people like to flash cure the product on the natural nail for 10s before applying it to the gelly tip.***
  7. Once you have product on your nail and the gelly tip press the gelly tip onto your nail using your thumb to apply pressure from the cuticle to the free edge. Make sure you remove any air bubbles. Air bubbles under your gelly tips will cause your tips to lift or pop off. If you have them apply pressure to get rid of them or start the process over again if they wont squeeze out. You may need to use more product. Don’t worry, practice really makes perfect in this process.
  8. Once you have the tip on perfectly with no bubbles, if using builder gel, while still holding it on your nail put it under the lamp and cure. If using super stick you may have it just perfectly enough that you won’t have to keep holding it with your other hand. It’s a much thicker product and stays put.
  9. Please fully cure for 1-2 mins. **Some people like to flash cure and then move onto the next nail. Then fully cure all five fingers at once.
  10. Repeat on the rest of your nails.
  11. You can use a nail file or efile to clean up any unwanted product.
  12. If you will be applying gel polish or dip on top please rough up the surface first, then proceed as normal with your mani.



I hope you enjoy this simple way to have perfectly sculpted and shaped manis.